Monday, September 29, 2008

The big boys always win!

In normal life, we don't get goodies when we make mistake. But life is never normal. This is what we are witnessing when the US government provided a super-giant rescue plan to failing banks. Those banks rake in abnormal profits in good times, and hand them out to their workers and CEOs. But during the not-so good times, they still hand out handsome gains to their workers and CEOs!

Hang on, this story gets worse (or better if you are one of those workers and CEOs). Even when those banks are heading for the abyss, because they make the wrong bet with their invesment and deposits, the workers and CEOs can still walk away with pocketful of dosh! And to add more insult, the government will use people's money to save their polished rear-ends so they won't go belly up. Just like a trusted uncle. In the case of USA, it's Uncle Sam saving those screw-ups again and again and again.

So what do we learn from this sorry episode?

You have a license to be reckless when you are one of the big financial boys.

Most dispicable.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New message from board of tourism? YB Datuk Seri Najib new video-blog.

Check out this new "instructional"-like video: Reminded me of my Kemahiran Hidup cikgu: "selamat pagi semua, hari ini kita akan belajar memasang lampu swis, tarik wayar jiran dan saya akan tunjukkan macam mana boleh jimat bil api."

I got something complimentary to say about him, I like his smile. He tried so hard.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Malaysia Day, when you're ready

Today, I shall blog in the bullet point style of Btw, Tun M, Happy Malaysia Day to you.

(1) When a non-Malaysian friend asked how we ended up having 2 Independence Days, 31 August and 16 September, I had to go back to my Form 5 Secondary School textbook to explain.

(2) Of course, I did add, that just like Microsoft Windows, there are several versions. Historical facts is one thing and interpretation of historical facts is another.

(3) 31 August is Hari Merdeka and 16 September is Malaysia Day. To cut a long story short, parts of Malaysia achieved independence from British rule at different times, on those 2 dates.

(4) However I stressed, the story of this geographical region now known as Malaysia is just a series of colonisation: Siamese, Dutch, Portugese, British, just to name some recent ones.

(5) 31 August is a public holiday in Malaysia, and 16 September isn't, unless you took MC on that day.

(6) So what is the official position on Independence Day? Which day was it?

(7) Malaysians should ideally celebrate their independence every single day.

(8) But not everyone is equally patriotic (if patriotism is measured by those cheerful visibility on Merdeka Day), some parade along Dataran Merdeka on 31 August, some watch the glittery show on TV, some still unconscious in bed. So you see, not everyone is celebrating, and even if they do, they do not do it in the same exuberant degree.

(9) Some feel that they rather defer any form of celebration until their are truly free from colonisation, in mind and spirit.

(10) That is why, my non-Malaysian friend, your question about our independence day is really difficult to answer and I apologise as I'm not able to provide a satisfying answer.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Malaysia must stay UNITED

My blog vigil for solidarity.

Their sad meaning of mainstream


Do and say what the "leaders" want you to do and say, however irrational. People who do their own thinking are dangerous because they may end up not doing and saying things the "leaders" wish them to do and say. Indepedent thinking is potentially non-mainstream and should be curbed and regulated. Social integration requires people to behave and think in an automated way because independent thinking could lead them astray. These "leaders" do not believe social integration can be achieved through diversity of thinking. Diversity should only be in the colours of clothes you wear and the choice of music you listen to, and should not apply to any intellectual activity (intellectual sanctioning act?).

Welcome to the last century.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Can old *** learn new tricks?

From the archives (13 Feb 2007): things do not change much here.

PEI-PEI adj. adjacent, side by side
ARM-CHIO adj. "dark smile"

I was alerted to two interesting, seemingly juxtaposing newspaper articles.

At the top end it was about Sarawak's Chief Minister plans and ideas on choosing his successor...

And at the bottom quarter, it was about a doctor's advice against the dangers of sitting too long on the proverbial throne.
(the haemorrhoid gun looks more menacing)

Just exactly what are the press people trying to imply huh?!?

Monday, September 08, 2008

Will the real Dark Knight please stop playing mind games?

Sorry for the temporary silence. I am currently working on a new blog based on a part-autobiography semi-fictional life (need a lot of re-working, as it turned out so far, the protagonist seems to have a more boring existence than the real-life dude!).

While I work on this one, I will have one eye fixed on Dark Knight taking over command & control on 16 September. Failing that, there will always be 16 September 2009 or 2010 (and so forth). I love my country enough not to swallow racist comment and pretend that was alright. I went to college and university not to end up numb and indifferent. I hope Dark Knight will teach the Joker a good lesson.
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