Thursday, February 15, 2007

Blogging can be bad for you...

...because it's si-bay addictive. Especially with wireless access.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Why do birds suddenly (dis)appear?

CHIAW n. bird

First, thank you for all the support and e-mail prayers... I'm ok. Just needed two days hospital stay for intravenous treatment. I did nothing foolish to deserve this, just fate, bad luck and poor timing.

Ok back to business...

It's Valentines Day today. Almost everyone in the corporate world is using this made-up occassion to make some money. Girlfriends expect something from boyfriends, florists in town found a reason to sell flowers at exorbitant prices, restaurant owners serving western or fusion food can expect a full-house turnout. Everybody's happy.

Except the ones that are not getting it later that evening. For all the effort and performance they put on, there will be winners and sobbers. It's a peacock dance.

For all the sobbers... I suggest counselling. If talking and listening are not your forte, then try blogging.

It's a perfect remedy for the weak heart. Just like mine.

Suddenly, the white shiny swivel bar stool looks so attractive... )

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Don't mock my...

PEI-PEI adj. adjacent, side by side
ARM-CHIO adj. "dark smile"

I was alerted to two interesting, seemingly juxtaposing newspaper articles.

At the top end it was about Sarawak's Chief Minister plans and ideas on choosing his successor...

And at the bottom quarter, it was about a doctor's advice against the dangers of sitting too long on the proverbial throne.
(the haemorrhoid gun looks more menacing)

Just exactly what are the press people trying to imply huh?!?

Monday, February 05, 2007

The girl's got spunk

BEI CHAI SEE adj.,v.,n. "Do not know death", daring

Found another gem in the blogosphere. I stumbled across a blog entry, which I feel is simply a class of its own, way above the average joe-blogger's entry. An entry I wish I could say I was the one who had written it!

Sourmilk's latest blog entry is the subject of my envy. Just wanna say, it is "raw and definitely right from the soul". No grand visuals, just words - imposing words. She's got spunk (moxie, cojones... whatever you wanna call it).

(come rain, shine or leekhong... I must go to the nearest wifi spot to read this one)

Entries like these make blogging and blog-reading exciting, a recreation only second to procreation.
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